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During the current COVID-19 pandemic, we believe it is important to show solidarity with our health officials who are working to protect the lives of people in our community, city and country by limiting gatherings to less than five people.

Therefore, we have moved our worship service to an online format that will be available any time after 10:30am on May 17, 2020. Please join us online with your family to worship, listen to a biblically-based sermon and discuss together the provided questions at the end of the sermon.


Discussion Questions

If you are gathered with your family, please discuss the following questions together. Otherwise if you are participating in this online service alone, please join our Zoom meeting at 12:00pm to discuss the questions with Pastor Bill and others from our church community.

  1. Share some examples where discontentment is sinful.
  2. Can you think of ways discontentment is not sinful, but actually beneficial? (If you can’t think of any, look up Luke 15:16 & 17)
  3. What is the difference between sinful and beneficial discontentment?
  4. Psalm 73 is a classic story of covetous thoughts nearly destroying Asaph’s (the author) faith. Many believers have had the same train of thought, so let’s have a look at this Psalm in a little detail and see how to deal with similar thoughts.
    1. Verse 1 is rock solid sound theology. We have a similar saying today (fill in the blank): God is good ________ and all the time __________. Have you ever had doubts about God being good to “the pure in heart” all the time? Explain.
    2. What does Asaph admit to in verse 2?
    3. In verses 3-12, he explains half of why he almost lost his footing. Summarize in your own words how Asaph was feeling. Have you ever felt this way? What do you think verse 10 means? Can you name some modern day people who fit the descriptions of verses 3-12? Do you ever find yourself feeling like Asaph did in verse 3 regarding these people?
    4. In verses 13-14 he explains the other half of why he almost lost his footing. Summarize in your own words how Asaph was feeling. Have you ever felt this way?
    5. As a result of envy (verses 3-12) and discontent (verses 13-14) there are usually two responses: Complaining to everyone and/or depression. How did Asaph respond in verses 15 & 16? What did he do right? How does Asaph describe this time in his life? (verses 21-22)
    6. What was the turning point for Asaph? (verses 17-20)
    7. Where did Asaph find the truth? (verses 23-28)
    8. How is verse 2 related to verse 1?
  5. Share about a turning point in your life – an event where God took you from almost slipping and losing your foothold to having confidence in God.

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May 17, 2020
10:30am - 12:00pm
East Gate Alliance Church
+1 (613) 744-0682
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