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East Gate Alliance Church began in 1978 with Rev. Roy Batchelor as senior pastor. Pastor Roy served for ten years. During that time, the property was purchased from the Ottawa Board of Education and a sanctuary was built onto the existing school, debt free. Prior to Pastor Roy leaving a daughter Church, Redeemer Alliance was started in the east end of Ottawa. Rev. Bruce Jackson came on staff on Janruary 20, 1989. Pastor Bill Buitenwerf joined Pastor Bruce as Assistant Pastor in 1993. In 1995, Pastor Bruce and his wife left for Ecuador and on May 19, 1996 Pastor Bill began serving as senior pastor. In the fall of the same year, Pastor Mike Linnen serving as Associate Pastor. It was around this time that East Gate Alliance Church first opened their doors to another congregation, the Filipino Community Church.

Around 1998 God began to work out a new vision in the hearts of Pastor Bill Buitenwerf and Pastor Mike Linnen of East Gate Alliance Church. They had been discussing the land on which East Gate Alliance Church sat and questioned how they could use it for the kingdom of God; they knew there must be a greater way to impact Ottawa then growing trees! As part of an evangelism campaign they consulted the 1996 Census and discovered that the area around them was culturally diverse. They began to wonder, “What if this plot of land become home for all kinds of different ministries that could minister in other languages, other than English, here. What if we could make this property a place where we could have a number of different churches, of different ethnicities, that could work together to reach Ottawa.” With God leading the way this vision would soon become a reality.
God was working at East Gate drawing people unto Himself, preparing them for ministry and giving them a heart for outreach. 2001 brought significant change to East Gate as the idea of forming an International community was born. East Gate members “unanimously voted in favour of inviting ethic Alliance churches to join them” at a Congregational Meeting on June 10th, 2001.