Given As Holy, Let’s Keep It That Way!

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Rev. Bill Buitenwerf

Rev. Bill Buitenwerf is the Senior Pastor at East Gate Alliance Church, and the founder of the International Community of Alliance Churches. He is passionate about leading people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, encouraging them to grow in faith, and equipping them to do the same. He is fully reliant on the Holy Spirit's power for holiness. Key emphases of his ministry include evangelism, discipleship, leadership training, helping the world's poor, and providing intercultural ministry to our multicultural city.
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  1. April 19, 2020

    I agree, there is a pandemic of the heart. Adultery is not putting value in the right place in both cases, our spouse or in the case of the unborn child.
    The pandemic may be a way for God to ask man how does it feel loosing someone you love to COVID19 and cannot even be there to comfort them as they die?

    That is a good observation we make a big deal about the COVID19 pandemic and yet us humans deliberately kill more unborn helpless, defenseless, babies than the COVID19 and that does not even make the news.
    That is very different from God’s perspective of the value and love he has for man and unborn babies.

    Why then is there so much adultery even in the christian evangelical churches? What is lacking in Christians that cause failure and divorce?

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