East Gate Alliance Church has been reaching out to the community around us for over 8 years by offering English as a Second Language (ESL) courses to anyone who wishes to learn or improve their English language skills. We have adult students that have come to Canada from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Caribbean Islands, as well as Canadian students whose first language is not primarily English.

Our church is part of the International Community of Alliance Churches, which celebrates diversity among multiple language groups/cultures, and is committed to encouraging people to worship and pray in their mother tongue, and promote fellowship together with believers from all over the world! Our city of Ottawa contains many different ethnic groups and languages, and our church is also engaged in sponsoring refugees from persecuted areas. These factors have led us to realize that those wishing to improve or learn English can do so within the doors of our church, and our doors are open to the community at large. Some of our ESL students attend our church, while others do not, yet still feel comfortable coming to our church building for instruction.

We offer three levels of instruction: beginner, intermediate and advanced in separate classrooms on Saturday mornings from 10am till 11:30am. Each classroom has its own volunteer teacher skilled in a specific area of instruction. We strive to tailor our teaching methods to each individual, and our small class sizes allow us to do exactly that. You’ll find that we are a friendly group that likes to share experiences and thoughts with each other. If you are interested in learning or improving your English, feel free to give us a try.

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