Through Connect Groups, you can see God’s hand at work on many levels in our church. People are experiencing more fellowship with each other, having fun, challenging and comforting each other, praying and growing spiritually with each other, and getting to know each other on a deeper level. And most importantly, on an individual level, they are growing and rejoicing in the Lord, deepening and examining their relationship with Christ, and applying lessons learned through Bible studies.

Finding a place to belong and extending church ministry beyond Sunday worship services, while letting God’s word and Spirit be more involved in their lives, in their families’ lives, is what small groups are all about!

We have groups that meet throughout the week, providing a spiritual venue for most evenings and even during the day. They range from Bible study groups to adult Sunday school, as well as special groups like 7-Up (for vulnerable young adults), the retired young-at-heart, and some neighbourhood groups (east, south and west groups).

The Connect Groups ministry is the heartbeat of the church. It helps to put lessons learned during Sunday’s service into practice and brings forth different types of fruits — not only the fruits of the Spirit, but also the fruits of the cross and of fellowship. It is a place where participants can experience being part of a church family and grow in their spiritual walk. As a ministry, we are looking forward to the day when every church attendant finds their niche among the brethren in Christ, where they can be blessed and be a blessing!

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