Visitation is a natural course of fellowship within any church, and many members of our congregation naturally visit others, which is usually met with gratitude and appreciation. However, for some of our church members who stay at home or are recovering from illness, the time can get very lonely, especially if they are not able to take part in normal church activities.

Our Pastoral Care Elders and Associates are a group of men and women who encourage others in their ministries and visit the sick and those who choose to stay at home. While every situation is different, the Pastoral Care Elders and Associates usually engage in conversation, listen and pray for any cares or needs, bring a copy of a recent church bulletin, and provide updates on any matters of interest.

Other members of the congregation are welcome to participate in the visitation ministry, as long as they are comfortable with scripture and prayer, and have completed our volunteer application process through our Plan to Protect® ministry.

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